Welcome to my Wellevate Virtual Dispensary®.

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Welcome! You can now order online 24/7 most of the Professional Line of Supplements I have recommended for you, plus 100's of others if need be, with 10% off retail and free shipping over $49!

 Plus you can even use your FSA/HSA cards!

And set up auto-refills for every 30, 60, 90, 120, or 180 days. 😊

And you can even order by phone if you prefer!

(If you have not yet been tested by me via Nutritional Response Testing, or it has been a long time since, I recommend you do before you order or re-order!)

Ordering Online

Once you’ve set up your account at https://wellevate.me/john-mahe... or  Professional Supplement Dispensary | Wellevate,  click “Shop Products” to search and order products from my Wellevate Virtual Dispensary®.

Ordering Over the Phone

Call 855-935-5382 to speak with one of Wellevate’s Customer Support Associates to place your order.

Ordering on the Wellevate Mobile App

Text GETWELLEVATE to 72345 or download the app through the App Store or Google Play.


Call 855-935-5382 to speak to a Customer Support Associate

Email [email protected]

Chat with an online representative at wellevate.me

[John H, Maher, DC  1-760-500-6253, valleycenterholistic.com]

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