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Dr. John Maher's Valley Center Chiropractic and Holistic Care is conveniently located in "The Court Yard" in the middle of Valley Center.

For some, finding and choosing the right doctor with the skill, experience, education, integrity, technical training, tools and skills in chiropractic, nutrition and alternative medicine who can help you get well without drugs or surgery can be a daunting task.

For others, finding a doctor who is on your insurance or Medicare plan, or has reasonable fees.

Still others like to read Testimonials and Reviews or see Awards like those featured  below.

In any case, I have created this site to better assist you in finding out if your search is over.

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Top Chiropractor in the USA Awarded to John H. Maher, DC Selected by Global Health and Pharma Magazine Our team have named John Maher, DC as one of our Top 25 Chiropractor Clinics in the USA for his significant achievements from the past calendar year, other accolades won, as well as any client testimonials and recommendations.

 "I’m writing on behalf of GHP magazine – a digital publication dedicated to featuring the latest news and highlighting the firms of note working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Alongside the main publication, we also run several in-house and external award programs, including our ‘Top 25 Chiropractor Clinics Award’ for 2017. 

 With that in mind, I’m delighted to inform you that your work at John Maher DC has been recognized, and our team have named you one of our Top 25 Chiropractor Clinics in the "USA". 

 In determining those most deserving of this coveted accolade, our researchers take into consideration significant achievements from the past calendar year, other accolades won, as well as any client testimonials and recommendations." 

  Stephanie Smith – Features Executive, GHP Magazine  

 Dr. John Selected as “Top Chiropractor in Valley Center, CA” for 2018
 by the International Association of Chiropractors (IAC) 

IAC Award

 The IAC is part of the Leading Physicians of the World which exclusively recognizes healthcare professionals that have demonstrated success and leadership in their profession. Founded on the idea that personal achievement is deserving of recognition, exposure, and reward, it has been designed to spotlight John H Maher as one who so qualifies.

  •  Dr. Dennis P. Steigerwald  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care 
    Dr. Maher is most dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable Doctor of Chiropractor I know. His knowledge of nutrition and holistic healing is second to none. I have the background to make those statements with authority as I worked with and trained thousands of Chiropractors over the past four decades. I recommend him without reservation.

  • Jenniffer Jessup Dr. John works hard to care for everyone who needs his help. He really cares about people's health, and he works six days a week so that his clients have an opportunity to receive his care. Valley Center 01.08.24

  • Julie Matos"Both my husband and myself see Dr. John. He is professional, very quick to diagnose and treat. We wouldn’t think of going to anyone else for Dr. John. Highly recommend him for his ability to help your body heal efficiently."  Valley Center, 03.17.22

  • Lawrence Schmidt:Dr. John is the absolute best Holistic Chiropractor around. He was able to diagnose and correct multiple injuries including my neck and my shoulders after a few visits. His attention to detail and patient care is top notch. Highly recommended!!"Valley Center, 03.14.22

  •  Aiane Karla  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractor

    I started going to Dr. John in the early part of 2021. During one of my chiropractic appointments in March (at the peak of pollen season), I asked him a few allergy-related questions. He answered my questions and suggested we set up an appointment. Our eye-opening conversation was insightful, to say the least! That day, I learned there was hope for me and that it’s possible for me to be relieved of my symptoms and be desensitized to my allergens. Since I wouldn’t be able to visit for a few weeks, Dr. John gave me herbal and homeopathic tablets to take and instructions on their proper use and dosage... Over the next couple of weeks,..3/10 and I was glad to finally be gardening without having to sneeze, blow my nose, or wear goggles to keep my eyes from getting itchy. Taking my tablets became a regular part of my daily routine, that within two weeks, I started thinking, “Wow! I’m so glad allergy season is over. I don’t have a single allergy symptom anymore! This is great!” Mustard plants that have plagued me for years were even more spread out than they were a few weeks back. It was definitely still pollen season! I’m so glad I took the time to ask my allergy-related questions when I did because I’m finally able to enjoy my favorite season without going through countless boxes of tissues.
    Valley Center, CA 05/21/2021

  •  Hunter DePolo  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    I am in Pain Daily. Constantly. Today I had my first visit. I was hesitant because I didn't know if it would hurt me worse. I can say that I walked in w pain and walked out without pain . I am anxious to go back next week. Thank you so much for your patience and thank you for being the way you are. You helped me today. I can honestly say colors look more vibrant. maybe now that it doesn't hurt so bad I can smell the roses 2nd Visit and I am planning on going twice a week for as long as I need to. A few adjustments and my entire quality of life has changed. I was in so much pain and I was in tears this morning because I was so happy that I wasn't in pain. I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. I feel like there's nothing in the world that could bring me to the place I am today. A few weeks ago was miserable, so much pain I couldn't think straight. I didn't think it would ever go away. I am excited to go into the next CHAPTER seeing life w new eyes. AND MY NEW NECK AND HIPS THAT DONT ACHE. THANK YOU DR JOHN. YOU ARE AT THE TOP OF MY LIST. 3rd visit I feel better every time I walk out the door 🚪. You are saving my life ! Thank you" Valley Center, CA 05/15/2021

  •  John King  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    I have been seeing Dr. John since 1984. I had suffered a major heat stroke. I was not getting my strength back over several weeks. The MDs didn’t seem to know what to do. I was referred to Dr. John where he diagnosed the reason why I had the heat stroke and why I was not getting any better. Within the first couple of weeks I was already seeing a major improvement. Since then Dr. John has been there for me, my friends and family time after time. Thank you Dr. John! Valley Center, CA FEB 5, 2021

  • Shawneen Burdick reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    Dr. John is a very intuitive healer with years of experience and extraordinary knowledge. My family and I have been treated by Dr. John for many years for everything from large injuries to hot flashes ( my hot flashes are totally gone by the way). He will only prescribe supplements if your body needs them, and at reasonable prices. He is a direct communicator and gets to the point and will ask you to do the same...hehe. We consider Dr. John our primary doctor and would recommend him to everyone! Garden of Eden Petting Zoo, Valley Center, CA Dec. 5 2020

  •  Amber Schmidt  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    Dr. John is my go-to in town for chiropractic and holistic wellness needs. He really knows how to find the exact spot and get to the root of the issue, quickly. I’ve seen him for a range of issues and all have been remedied, including some old and persistent injuries. He has a wealth of knowledge and is very kind as well. Highly recommend his services.
    July 2020

  •  Jennifer Pedraza  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    Great place for Chiropractic services with DR. John!
    Mar 22, 2020

  • Check out this 5 star Yelp review by  Curt A.

    Well worth the drive
    Dr. John is the best Holistic doctor in North San Diego county. If you don't live in Valley Center, it is worth the drive. His adjustments have been helpful for my lower back pain helping me to avoid the recommended surgery. What about price? He is very reasonable when compared with others! Pick up the phone... he himself answers!
    January 16, 2020

  •  Robert Evans, Valley Center,  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic and Holistic Care

    No longer need to see pain specialist!
    Happy New Year Dr. John! Thank you for everything you've done for me! I look forward to 2020 with your help! I just want to let everyone know how great you are. I've been seeing Dr. John for over six months. Before seeing him I suffered from degenerative disc disease and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction for many years which required surgery and yearly pain injections and RFA's to my lower back. Within the first visit, Dr. John diagnosed my issues and determined I had a pelvic tilt causing the majority of my SI Joint pain which he immediately corrected. With on going therapy, I no longer see a pain specialist. Dr. John is also managing my chronic migraines which I never thought could be managed. I owe everything to Dr. John for my overall improved health. He's amazing!!!
    January 2020

  •  Bella P., Pauma Valley,  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic and Holistic Care

    Top Holistic Doctor
    As one of the top holistic doctors in our Valley Center community, Dr John is not JUST an excellent chiropractor. The many modalities that he weaves together to work on your particular issues (in the correct order!) are a work of art. He is efficient and effective at getting to the root cause of your complaints and making you feel physically and emotionally better - love it! Please keep up the good work.
    January 06, 2020

  •  Robert Rodstrum, Escondido,  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic and Holistic Care

    Great Place to Go
    Dr. John is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. My family and I have come to him with various issues and he has always had an answer for the ailment du jour. I love it that it gives me stretches to work on to help me get through the ailment and try to prevent future issues. It's great to have a place to go that you can trust.
    December 31, 2019

  •  Pam W.  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    My Go-To for Any and All Ailments Chiropractor
    Dr. John is my go-to for any and all ailments. His knowledge of the scientific and what some consider not-so-scientific is amazing. He is one of the best things in Valley Center and I am thankful for him.
    Oct 2019

  •  Maria M.  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    Saved my life!
    Dr. John has given me back my life! Most of my life I have experienced chronic lower back pain, sciatic and other aches related to scoliosis. Since 3 years ago when I started working as a teacher, these pains became worst every day to the point where I found myself physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. The quality of my life was not good and getting up every morning was becoming a real challenge. All these was already affecting my thinking; I was seeing myself not being able to walk or do anything in a few year. Thankfully I found Dr. Maher in Kaiser's directory. It called my attention that he had an holistic practice and decided to try. From the very first visit in mid August my pain decreased considerably. After another few visits and much sooner than I expected I was having pain-free days and I remember how hope for life came back! I was able to think in a positive future again. It is just October and I have been waking up every morning looking forward to go to work, to continue with my studies, to working in the yard. Pain is no longer a distraction, is no longer an "energy leak." I feel stronger physically and free and lighter mentally and emotionally. Deep gratitude is what I feel towards Dr. John. As I said before, he has helped me to recover my life, to live peacefully and look into the future with joy and hope.
    Oct 2019

  •  Emily S.  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    Very knowledgeable for a wide variety or health issues!
    Dr John Maher is very knowledgeable and helpful for a wide variety or health issues. He has helped my family with a bruised clavicle, back pain, ankle problems, stomach issues, as well as mental health issues. He takes the time to explain the issues and remedies.
    Sept 2019

  •  Susan D.  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    Sciatica gone…feel 10 years younger, at least!
    I went to see Dr. John after being prescribed prednisone and ibuprofen by my health providers and getting no relief or clear direction how to deal with it. I'd been in increasing pain from sciatic nerve inflammation, waking up 2-3 times a night from the pain, and barely able to drive as pain was the worst when driving. 3 days later my pain was half gone, and though still experiencing some discomfort I had a vitality and attitude boost that was indescribable. He recommended two additional supplements to what I already was taking and did some percussive work on my back. He mentioned that my thyroid wasn’t functioning as it should. 10 days after that my sciatic pain is completely gone. That was over 2 weeks ago. So, all I can say is that I am now a grateful and very impressed client of his. I'm amazed at what he understands about our bodies. He's the best I've ever been to. I’m 71yrs old and now feel 10 yrs least!
    Aug 2019

  •  Luan F.  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    Full Holistic Care
    Being new to the community it was important to me to find a good Chiropractor. I was lucky enough to find Dr. John, he more than just a Chiropractor he provides full holistic care. He has taken care of my seasonal allergies, my hormones and even taken care of some parasites that I picked up in Mexico. I highly recommend Dr. John!!
    Apr 30, 2019

  •  Tiffany R.  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    I recommend HIGHLY Dr. John as so many of his patients call him. His technique is healing and gentle Allowing your own body to heal itself after an adjustment. Dr. John stands alone in Chiropractic care, rising far above all others.
    Apr 28, 2019

  •  Margaret  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    Dr John—A five star plus Doctor
    Dr. John Is so much more than the typical Chiropractor! He is extremely knowledgeable on many levels. He isn’t afraid to admit that he isn’t the right person for a problem! He sent my Grandson to a Dentist who eventually helped him with a jaw problem. Try him—You”ll like Dr. John!
    Apr 27, 2019

  •  Christine F.  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    I reccommend Dr. John!
    As a retired Chiropractor and Certified Applied Kinesiologist, I am very particular about who I let adjust my spine and who I choose to listen to when it comes to nutritional advice. Dr. John is one of the few Chiropractors I trust. His skill, his knowledge and expertise are exceptional. He meets my needs for non-force adjustments as well as delivering traditional Chiropractic adjustments to those with that preference. Finding a good chiropractor can be a challenge. In my opinion, Dr. John is one of the best.
    Apr 25, 2019

  •  Joe  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    Hip Pain Gone
    Dr. John took care of my hip pain in just a few visits. I went in thinking there was something wrong with my hip. He quickly diagnosed me with a subluxation of one of my vertebrae. He worked on correcting that problem and also taught me the correct stretches to perform in order to avoid this problem in the future. Haven't had a problem since.
    Apr 16, 2019

  •  Karen B.  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    He keeps me Health
    Dr John has been my doctor since 2006. I am a healthy active 76 year old thanks to him. When I was 12 I had a spinal fusion, so I have had back issues all my life. Dr. John knows just how to keep me up and fit. He is a miracle worker. I totally trust his practices and judgement of what I need. I highly recommend him to others.
    Apr 14, 2019

  •  Randy  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    Dr. John has treated me for injuries (car accident, sports injuries) multiple times, and restored me to health. He's identified allergies, and avoiding the triggers has improved my health. If I have something wrong with my body that seemingly can't be figured out, he has repeatedly been able to quickly diagnose it and treat it with manipulations or supplements, and restore me back to being my best. There's no professional I've ever gone to, in any field, that I trust more than him. Dr. John has my highest recommendation.
    Apr 14, 2019

  •  Alma  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    Brilliant! Sharp! Genius! This doctor is exactly what you need. He’s a healer. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏼👍🏼
    Apr 05, 2019

  •  Beverly  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    Knowledgeable, gentle, and effective!
    Dr. John is a terrific chiropractor. I recently moved to this area, and I am so happy that I found him! He has a similar approach as my former doctor, in that he does a non-force approach with muscle testing, meridian points, and specific nutrition. He also does the traditional type of adjustment, ("cracking") if that's what's needed, but in a very gentle and proficient way. When I first went in, I'd had a right hip problem for months, and it was interfering with my exercise and walking. Dr. John did an adjustment for an "anterior femur head", and the problem was solved - I was so happy! He has 40 years of experience working as a chiropractor, and he really knows his stuff. Take it from me - I'm a retired chiropractor! I would recommend him to anyone.
    Apr 02, 2019

  •  Michael  reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

    Dr. John, is great at what he does! Lots of experience makes him the number one chiropractor to go see! If your in pain please give him a call.
    Apr 01, 2019


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Best Care in Valley Center

You don't need to go down the grade to receive excellent health care. I go to Dr. John for all of my maladies. His methods are sometimes unusual, but the results are always amazing. I have come to rely on his holistic approach to health and healing. I highly recommend Dr. John.

Juanita G. reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care   


Amazing Results

Dr. John not only helped me with my skeletal issues but he helped me with my hormonal, and digestive issues. I feel great!

Veronica reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care   


Dr. John Maher since 1996

I have been a patient of Dr. Maher since 1996 and because of his coaching, was able to maintain my health in ways that minimized doctor visits. I have never had surgery or disease. This also applies to my children. I cannot say enough positive things about his experience, knowledge and ethics related to how he has chosen to coach people on healing themselves, particularly in a world where keeping you sick is Big Business. Dr. Maher, and health professionals such as he, have made an unselfish choice to help heal rather than make you dependent upon them for life. His knowledge of whole body health is researched and proven. I have not found a medical professional to match.

Alicia T. reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care   

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