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What Is Chiropractic


What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is an overall way of looking at the human body. It's based on the idea that the body is self-sustaining and self-healing. The body is in essence completely controlled by the brain through its connection via the spinal cord and the vast networks of nerves that make up the body. When this system is not functioning at its peak the overall performance of the human body is lacking. 

In the chiropractic practice drugs and medicine are not utilized as a form of treating a patient.  To often drugs and prescriptions can be are used as band-aids to treat symptoms rather than going to the source and treating the real problem.

Holistic chiropractors such as myself, in addition to also employing physical therapy modalities like corrective exercise, laser and electric acutherapy, often also employ herbal and homeopathic remedies, vitamin and special nutrient supplementation and nutritional diet counsel as part of the "whole" picture. 

While it's often perceived that the chiropractor is solely here to treat back and neck pain, this is simply a small piece of what many in the profession is capable of handling. Holistic Chiropractors not only treat soft tissue pains such as sciatica, pinched nerves, headache, back pain, neck pain, numbness, tingling, arthritis, slipped discs and joint pain, but often help those patients with even other serious health issues that include fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, weak immune systems, insomnia, women's health issues like PMS, cramps, menopause, stress burnout, migraine headaches, indigestion and heart burn and many more.

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