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SuperFood Solution

The SuperFood Solution was based on products I developed with Dr. Bruce Howe starting 20 years ago. Its purpose was to make enjoying the benefits of the healthiest of foods quick and enjoyable. Indeed, our purpose was to make "Lifelong Wellness Easy".
I have personally enjoyed these recipes and various iterations of same for twenty years as part of my personal wellness habits.
I invite you to "taste the difference" and "feel the difference" for yourself.

To discover what the SuperFood products are and see which Superfood recipes best suit you just scroll down the SuperFood PDF.
The three "Nano" products within are all available thru my Wellevate Online Dispensary which provides a 10% discount and free shipping on orders over $49

(*Do not call the phone number inside the pamphlet as I left the company to start a new practice in Valley Center in 2010. Plus you will not get the discount of the free shipping. Also the link '""  is no longer active)

To scroll the booklet page by page click on the little white open book icon below left.

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