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Testimonial : Helped My Whole Family!

Dr. John is amazing! He finds the underlying source of your health issue and he fixes it! He doesn't put a bandaid on it like most medical doctors do by giving you a pill. Dr. John not only help me with hormonal imbalances, hot flashes and GERD, but he also has helped my whole family. He discovered very quickly, first visit, that my daughter had an allergy to wheat. I had taken her to Children's Hospital before Dr. John saw her and they only gave her medications that could cause long term issues like osteoporosis. I am so grateful that Dr. John was able to cure/help my daughter.

Juanita Gilmore, Valley Center

Testimonial : Large Injuries and Hot Flashes!

Dr. John is a very intuitive healer with years of experience and extraordinary knowledge. My family and I have been treated by Dr. John for many years for everything from large injuries to hot flashes ( my hot flashes are totally gone by the way). He will only prescribe supplements if your body needs them, and at reasonable prices. He is a direct communicator and gets to the point and will ask you to do the same...hehe. We consider Dr. John our primary doctor and would recommend him to everyone!

Shawneen Burdick, Valley Center

Testimonial : Worth the Drive!

What a blessing to find Dr. John.  The last chiropractor I went to took 5 mins to adjust (cracked my back, cracked my neck, the same routine over and over again) and charged a fortune for it. I truly appreciate that Dr. John taking his time to re-examine me every treatment. Much respect for someone with such high level of integrity and knowledge because it is hard to find nowadays. I highly recommend Dr. John. P.s: it is worth the drive!

Anne S., San Marcos

Testimonial: Amazing Practitioner!

Dr. John is an amazing practitioner.  I've used him for years and have recommended him to dozens of people.  His diagnostic abilities and methods of correcting musculoskeletal problems are equally amazing.

Dr. John is also skilled in assessing and recommending nutritional and homeopathic supplements for the treatment of a wide range of issues.

There are conditions and situations where only a medical doctor and prescription medicines are warranted; in every other situation, Dr. John is my "Go to guy" for minimally-invasive solutions.  We are truly fortunate to have him in our community.

Kevin D, Valley Center

Testimonial : Hot Flashes and Sweet Craves Gone!

I heard about Dr. John through a referral group, Following a full hysterectomy at an early age, I was in full-blown menopause and I had hot flashes so bad, I could melt ice cream!  Also, I developed an inexplicable and uncontrollable urge for sweets.  I had other minor issues, but those were definitely the worst.

My Doctor put me on a hormone made of horse urine and that's it!  I thought that's all there was for me and I would have to live like this forever, chunky and HOT!  So really the only thing I tried was an extra fan in my room, aimed right at my face! As for the sweets cravings, I just gave in…

I'm going to stop short of calling Doc John a miracle worker, but I will say, after only 2 weeks of being his patient, my results were miraculous!!! My hot flashes weren't diminished ladies, they were GONE!!!  Any woman out there who has the "night-sweats" is doing herself a great disservice and suffering needlessly!  The world needs more Doc Johns and we're fortunate to have the one and only right in our backyard!  I would've been as happy as a pig in cold mud, just to have my hot flashes gone, but Doc John helped me with much more!  Turns out, that craving for sweets had something to do with my thyroid!  I get regular blood tests to make sure my body is functioning properly, as I have a family history that includes diabetes and thyroid issues.  My levels were always in the "normal" ranges, so my MD never felt there was anything to be done, so again, I just figured this was what I was stuck with.  Nothing more to be done.  If my MD says I'm "normal" who am I to think any differently?  We all trust our Doctor and there's nothing wrong with that.  What we need to realize, is WE are the boss of our own body!  We need to take action and take the extra step to do everything we can to make ourselves as healthy as possible!  Care enough about yourself to take the best care of yourself.  Doc John can lead you down the right path!!!  He helped me more than words can say!  And yes, my mad craving for sweets is gone too!!!

I have sent several friends and family to see Doc John and will continue to tell others what great work he does.  I strongly encourage all of you to make an appointment!  You have NOTHING to lose, only great things to come!  Doc John is a wonderfully warm & friendly person, with a very inviting demeanor and a soothing voice that leaves you with a "warm fuzzy" feeling.  The office is comfortable too, with an extremely friendly staff!  Make the appointment!  Do it for yourself because you're worth it!!!

Gratefully, Cyd Roberts, Valley Center, CA

Testimonial: Weight Gain and Allergies

My neighbor, also a former patient, recommended Dr. John to me.

My major complaint was that I had lost an extreme amount of weight due to a series of foot surgeries that I underwent. I was having heart palpitations, dizzy spells, fatigue, circulation issues, etc., and I couldn't put on any weight. It was jeopardizing my health and limiting my normal activities as an active teenage girl. In addition, I had severe seasonal allergies and took medication daily to control them.

The regular doctor was unable to help me. After undergoing several tests and ruling out any serious health issues, all they could tell me was to eat more. Dr. John, however, was able to increase my appetite using holistic supplements.

I have put on more weight and I am continuing to improve. I have more strength and my vivacity has returned. I no longer have any heart palpitations or dizzy spells either.  My allergies are completely under control, and I haven't taken medication in months.

I would recommend  Dr John to others because they are completely natural, and their holistic care really works. The doctor is also very friendly, understanding, and caring to the patients. Dr. John was also able to help me tremendously with my allergies. 

Alex Hall, Valley Center

Testimonial : Allergies and Asthma

I attended one of Dr Maher's workshops and decided to become a new patient after seeing him demonstrate his Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) alternative analysis.

I had sinus allergies to oak pollens and cats. I had some asthma, too. I had tried de-sensitization shots in the past. But after seeing Dr Maher I am much better.

I would recommend his services because it worked for me! 

Barry Cahill, Valley Center

Testimonial : Liver Disease and Strept Throat 

Many years back we were referred to Dr. Maher by a trusted nutritionist at Henry's Market.

There have been many issues over the years that Dr. Maher has help us with. We have come to rely on him not only for chiropractic adjustments but almost more for general health and diagnosing the source of problems. His use of applied kinesiology (AK) to find the root cause of ailments is remarkable. Once my wife went in for a routine chiropractic tune up and after he did his AK he told her he was getting strep throat. She did not have a sore throat until the next day. She went to our medical doctor who did a throat culture and sure enough it came back strep.

I had an elevated liver enzyme show up on a life insurance blood test a few years back. The medical doctor told me it was not life threatening. It would be with me all my life and would need to be monitored. He said he had a similar liver issue. Dr. Maher provided some supplements and when I returned for a follow up blood test in 3 months the enzyme level was normal. The medical doctor was stunned.

We have more faith in Dr. Maher than any medical doctor. With his guidance we have been able to avoid the traditional and eventually harmful medical solutions for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Both my wife and I are in good health at age 68 and 69 thanks on a large part to his guidance.

I recommend Dr Maher because he is a very knowledgeable and talented doctor who is able to diagnose and provide guidance on virtually all health issues.

Jim and Teddy Goulet, Carlsbad

Testimonial : Couldn't Sit Down! 

I have been a patient of Dr. Maher since 1983. At that time I was unable to sit after injuring myself in an aerobics class. Dr. Maher discovered I have scoliosis which he has been treating with spinal adjustments since then. After my first adjustment I was able to sit without pain. I've had other issues over the years which Dr. Maher and I have managed successfully.

I am very healthy and live an active lifestyle due to the nutritional counseling and chiropractic care provided by Dr. Maher.

I would highly recommend Dr. Maher to anyone who wishes to maintain or reclaim their good health. He has an innate ability to understand the needs of the body and knows the appropriate remedy for the situation. I avoid entrusting my health to anyone else as I have had outstanding results using Dr. Maher's methods for wellness.

Becky Miller, Pacific Beach

Testimonial: Degenerative Arthritis and Bursitis

I read about Dr. John in the Valley Center Roadrunner. I had bursitis and arthritis in my hip. I had tried supplements, Advil and other pain relievers.  I was told by two orthopedic surgeons to take pain relievers until I couldn't stand the pain in my hip and at that point they'd recommend a hip replacement. After Dr John's K-laser treatments and supplement recommendations, my bursitis is almost completely gone and my arthritis pain is under control - all without the use of Advil or Naproxin or other harsh pain relievers. I have already referred two other members of my family!

Scott Tolstad, Valley Center

Testimonial: Return of Energy

I've been an enthusiast of chiropractic and naturopathic care for years.  I absolutely believe in the importance of proper nutrition. I have known of Crossroads Health Center for over ten years and been a very satisfied patient of both doctors Hollee and Chaz Rhinehart.  When a friend referred me specifically to Dr. Maher for Nutrition Response Testing, I was thrilled.

I was just not feeling as energetic and clear-headed as normal.  As a freelance writer, actress and single homeschooling mom of two teenage sons, I juggle multiple things at any given time.  Being healthy and consistently/reliably "present" is essential to my daily life.  I didn't know exactly what was wrong…just that things weren't exactly right.

I wish I could fully express how grateful I am for Dr. Maher's care and advice.  I feel 100% better, more clear-headed, more up for the challenges of my daily life. I cannot imagine dropping my supplements from my diet.  In fact, I consider them an integral part of my diet, not merely "supplements"!  

 I am excited to continue with Dr. Maher to see how my health evolves and nutritional requirements change in response to my overall improvement in wellbeing.  I have already recommended two friends and will continue to refer people to Dr. Maher's unique, amazing care.

Eva Silva, Valley Center

Testimonial: Hip Pain Gone After 5 Years!

I met Dr John through the VC Professional Referral Group ( I had chronic hip pain and was unable to walk any distance without having to stop and rest my hip. I had tried a traditional medical plan that involved periodic cortisone shots in my hip. 

  After a thorough evaluation Dr. John determined that my hip issue was caused by my position when standing.  He measured me for orthotics to resolve the issue and provided chiropractic adjustments and laser therapy to resolve the irritation to the hip. After about 6 weeks of treatment I was able to walk over a mile with no pain in my hip. Something I was unable to do for at least the last 5 years! My wife is currently seeing Dr. John to resolve an ongoing issue in her shoulder.

Rick Restivo,  Valley Center

Testimonial: Sr Olympian to Compete Again! 

Dr. John and I met for lunch. Then he took me for a tour of the Health Center. I was very impressed. Also he came to my exercise classes and attended our activities sharing valuable information. 

We met at the right time to address my problems which are:

1. Lower back pain

2  Tight ham strings

3. Prostate enlargement

4. My heart with a low left ventricle ejection rate 

5. To improve my strength and endurance

 I was starting to improve gradually with the advice of my primary doctors, (V.A. & my private insurance co.), but it was a slow process. Along with my daily exercises and improved diet I felt there has to be a better way. Then along came Dr. John and within a matter of a few weeks, each one of those problems, 1 thru 5, I experienced improvement.

Over three years ago I had to curtail my running in 5K road races and track competition in the Senior Olympics with the advice of my doctors. Being at the peak of my performance I was competing with the top 5% in the national events. Now I have to set back and dust of my medals and trophies. And look at the photos crossing the finish line.

Then Dr. John said the magic words," Let's get you back on that track again". I've seen and read about other athletes with more serious problems and returned to competition. Also as a Christian, I believe in prayers can heal…

So Dr. John, with your expertise I will continue telling everyone how you have made an improvement in my health and once I'm back on the track, I will donate my first medal to you for all your efforts!

I truly thank you for everything......

Carl Grubbs, Sr. Fitness Coach & Sr. Olympian ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Testimonial: Healing Time and Pain Dramatically Reduced 

With the combination of the K laser treatment with James Rhinehart and the inflammatory enzymes recommended by Dr. John my healing time and discomfort have been dramatically reduced.  I've had a very similar injury and was expecting a long, painful journey back to full recovery, but as a result of my only 2 treatments, I've seen about a 50% recovery within the week! By becoming our patient I avoided having to begin a construction job hobbled and in pain, and all the difficulties associated with an extended recovery.

There is a good energy there... you feel like you are more than just a patient. So if you are thinking about becoming one of the patients here at crossroads Holistic Health Center  I highly recommend it!

Steve Head, 44 year old skate boarder 

Testtimonial: back pain, detoxification, immune challenges and allergies

Dr. Maher has treated and coached me on how to stay healthy since 1996. I remain his patient in his new (2011) practice with Crossroads even though I live in Point Loma!

In 1996 my major complaint was back pain and general toxicity. Since then I have seen him for allergies and immune deficiency issues because conventional treatments and pharmaceuticals weren't working.

Now, my dependence on conventional medicine has been nearly eliminated (mostly now just routine examination and proactive screening).

Of course, I also receive his chiro-adjustments for remediation of various aches and pains now and then.

I recommend Dr. Maher to others. Even though convention and employee insurance benefits do not adequately support holistic practices, I cannot stress the advantages of being healthy, fit, and nutritionally savvy. Dr. Maher supports my self reliance and responsibility for my real health as opposed to me relying on conventional medicine and drug treatment to just suppress my symptoms.

I also believe taking responsibility for and investing in ones true health is to be socially responsible, as it lightens the burden on both my Veterans Administration Medical system and is not a factor driving up the cost of health care and insurance. When we are sick as a collective, everybody pays. Those of us who have stepped up our preventive care by making wiser nutritional and lifestyle choices are benefiting everybody.

Veronica Bunas, Point Loma

Laser Therapy Fixes Shoulder Pain  

I met Dr. John at the wellness fair at Valley View Casino. I had worsening shoulder pain over about 5 years. I had tried my primary care physician and physical therapist. Both repeatedly stated they could not help me as they couldn't figure out what was wrong. They offered pain pills.

After seeing Dr. John and James Rhinehart, the K Laser therapist, I am about 97% better! I continue to improve as I stretch and strengthen shoulder after years of using shoulder as little as possible.

I have already recommended Dr. John to others because his holistic practices  are more in line with my natural lifestyle…and because the treatments work!

I was so fed up with conventional medicine, where only the symptoms were being treated. I found myself more and more often having to fight for doctors to find and fix the CAUSE of my symptoms. I was also starting to be told that I was "just at that age" where I needed to accept the aches, pains and changes to my body. No more!

Cloud Worley, Valley Center, CA

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