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Holistic Care

Valley Center Chiropractic and Holistic Care is Valley Center's "One Stop Natural Medicine Shop".  My services include chiropractic, both traditional and super gentle "non force" activator methods ( no "cracking"), as well as advanced Applied Kinesiology ( AK) and Sacro-Occipiatal Technic (SOT), including TMJ jaw joint adjustments; plus laser and electric acupuncture  (no needles), physical therapy, exercise rehab, dietary counsel, weight loss, alternative medicine, naturopathy, bio identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT), Nutritional Response Testing (NRT), herbal and homeopathic medicine and alternative healing technics like Emotional Freedom Technic and Allergy Desensitization.

Patient  visits are 10 to30 minutes long, except for new patients visits which are given up to an hour.

It is important you complete the New Patient forms before your first visit. Otherwise you must arrive 30 minutes early to complete the forms.

All New Patients are offered a separately scheduled  free 1/2 massage  with Debbie Boston of the Path to Wellness Spa.

Award   Chiro Alternative Approach

  • Dr. Dennis P. Steigerwald reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

"Dr. Maher is most dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable Doctor of Chiropractor I know. His knowledge of nutrition and holistic healing is second to none. I have the background to make those statements with authority as I worked with and trained thousands of Chiropractors over the past four decades. I recommend him without reservation."

  • Julie Matos; "Both my husband and myself see Dr. John. He is professional, very quick to diagnose and treat. We wouldn’t think of going to anyone else for Dr. John. Highly recommend him for his ability to help your body heal efficiently."  Valley Center, CA 03/17/22
  • Aiane Karla reviewed Valley Center Chiropractic and Holistic Care

"I started going to Dr. John in the early part of 2021. During one of my chiropractic appointments in March (at the peak of pollen season), I asked him a few allergy-related questions. He answered my questions and suggested we set up an appointment. Our eye-opening conversation was insightful, to say the least! That day, I learned there was hope for me and that it’s possible for me to be relieved of my symptoms and be desensitized to my allergens. Since I wouldn’t be able to visit for a few weeks, Dr. John gave me herbal and homeopathic tablets to take and instructions on their proper use and dosage... Over the next couple of weeks,..3/10 and I was glad to finally be gardening without having to sneeze, blow my nose, or wear goggles to keep my eyes from getting itchy. Taking my tablets became a regular part of my daily routine, that within two weeks, I started thinking, “Wow! I’m so glad allergy season is over. I don’t have a single allergy symptom anymore! This is great!” Mustard plants that have plagued me for years were even more spread out than they were a few weeks back. It was definitely still pollen season! I’m so glad I took the time to ask my allergy-related questions when I did because I’m finally able to enjoy my favorite season without going through countless boxes of tissues." Valley Center, CA 05/21/2021

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